Post 6: How to upload your game to Google Play and iTunes Connect

Today we're going to have a look at how to upload your game to Google Play and iTunes Connect. The two platforms have very different methods of uploading so lets step through them one at a time starting with Google Play.

Google Play

Uploading your apps to Google play is quite simple. The first thing you need to do is download your build files. If you followed the steps in Post 5 correctly, you should have received two e-mails in your inbox:

Open the Android email and click the secure link under 'download your application Zip file'

This zip file contains 2 separate build files. 'x86' and 'armv7'. Some phones need 'x86' files while others need 'armv7' files. If you want your game to be available on all Android devices you'll need to upload both these files onto Google Play. Extract both files into your download folder.

Next you'll need to open up the Google Play Developer Console (link here). Select your game, click on the 'APK' tab then click on the 'ALPHA TESTING' tab.

Click 'Upload your first APK to Alpha', 'Browse files' and select one of the two Android build files (x86 or armv7).

Once your file has been uploaded, the interface of the 'APK' tab will change slightly. At this point you should hit the 'Switch to Advanced Mode' button on the top right.

Scroll down and hit 'Upload new APK to Alpha'.

Click 'Browse files' and select the other Android build file. Once this has been uploaded you'll see a pop-up box with some information about the file you uploaded. Review this information (no need to change anything) and hit 'Save draft'.

Next you'll need to select a way to enable Alpha testing. Google Play gives you 3 different options; closed, open or google+ community. I usually pick open alpha testing. This way all i have to do to add another Alpha tester is to send them a download link.

If you selected Open Alpha testing then all you have to do now is to select a maximum number of alpha testers and hit 'Save draft'.

Perfect! That's all you need to do for now. I'll go through the last couple of steps needed to publish your app for Alpha testing in the next tutorial. For now, lets move on to iTunes Connect.


iTunes Connect

You'll need your Mac to complete this step. Open up the e-mail you received after building your game for iOS and download the API file via the secure link in the email.

Once your download has completed, open the 'Application Loader'.

Click 'Deliver Your App'.

Select the downloaded API file.

Then hit the 'Next' button.

When your build has finished uploading you'll see the following screen.

Screen Shot 2016-09-17 at 2.32.29 pm.png

Note that your game will still need to be processed in iTunes Connect. This usually takes ~5 minutes. Apple will send you an e-mail once your game has finished processing.

In the next blog post we'll discuss how to configure your app properly so that you can publish it for alpha testing