Post 3: Intel XDK and how to test your game on a mobile device

Today we will have a look at how to download Intel XDK and configure your app for mobile testing. There are multiple ways of play testing your app on your mobile device however Intel XDK is the one I’m most familiar with so we’ll focus on that in this tutorial. The first thing you need to do is download Intel XDK from this link. Make sure you download the latest version (v.3522 at the time of writing) as previous versions have contained bugs causing unknown errors during the build process. Once you’ve downloaded and installed Intel XDK you’ll be greeted with this screen.

After you've signed up you'll be taken into the Intel XDK main screen

I recommend taking the Intel XDK Quick Tour to get an idea of the different elements within Intel XDK.

Once you feel relatively familiar with the layout, you can go ahead and click the "Open an Intel XDK Project' button to import your project

Note. If you search through the official Scirra forums you will find that users have used various hacks to make Intel XDK work in the past (changing the folder structure, adding additional code to the intelxdk.config.additions.xml file etc.). This is no longer necessary with the latest version of Intel XDK.

Select the .xdk file from your export folder

The next step is to install and log in to the 'Intel App Review' app on your device

On your computer, move to the 'TEST' tab in Intel XDK and click on the below button

Next, click on the 'Push Files' button

On your phone, move to the 'Server Apps' and locate your game. Click on it and tap 'Launch This App'.

That's it! You can now test your game on your phone or tablet quickly and easily. Note that some plugins are not supported when testing via Intel XDK and performance may differ somewhat from a natively installed app. Despite this, testing on your device is an essential part of the game development process and you should start as soon as you have a somewhat playable prototype.

Over the next few blog posts we'll look at how to actually publish to iOS and Android for alpha and beta testing.