Post 2: How to export your game

Before we get into the specifics of how to export your game, I’d like to address a common mistake new Construct 2 users often make when creating their first game – waiting until your game is finished before exporting and building. This can be a time-consuming mistake for the following reasons:

  • Plugins (both official and user-made) can cause build errors. If you’re exporting a finished project and getting unknown build errors it can be difficult to pin-point exactly which plugin is causing the issue. Very few people on the Scirra forums will have the time and expertise necessary to help you troubleshoot your specific problem and the only solution is often time-consuming trial and error.
  • Performance issues are extremely common in mobile games. Certain behaviours and game mechanics can cause a huge load on mobile processors. Testing a mobile game on your computer will give you absolutely no feel for how your game performs on a mobile device. The recommended approach is to continually test on your mobile device as you add new features to your game.

My personal recommendation is to start the export process as soon as you have a playable prototype of your game.
For the remainder of this tutorial, I’ll talk about how to actually export a Construct 2 project. Lets create a new project to help us illustrate this process.

  Construct 2 v.233

Construct 2 v.233

Lets call this project ‘Simple Smiley Adventure’. We’ll make the mechanics of this game super simple. One level, one goal – to avoid the red Baddies for as long as possible by using your finger/mouse to move the Smiley around the screen:

The game is extremely simple:

  1. Touch/click and hold to begin
  2. Move your finger/mouse around the screen to move Smiley
  3. Release your finger/mouse to pause the game
  4. Avoid Baddies for as long as possible
  5. Eat fruit to shrink Smiley (he's continuously growing)

I've attached the game code below. I'd be happy to answer any specific questions about the code in the comments.

Now lets fill in some basic information in the properties tab before exporting.

Done. Time to export!

Construct 2 gives you a number of different options for exporting your game. I am only familiar with a couple of them. For more information on the other export options I would suggest you visit the official tutorials and forums. For PDSA, we’ll export with Cordova. This will allow us to publish to both iOS and Android.

Create a separate folder for the exported version of your game


If you want to see what SSA looks like on your web browser you can try it out for yourself here

In my next blog post I'll go through how to set up Intel XDK for testing on mobile devices.